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Anxiety aaagh!

The trouble with anxiety is that it feels so unpleasant. I always think of this as the big difference between anxiety and depression - anxiety has got lots of those horrible feelings associated with it - wobbly legs, sweaty palms, strange breathing and tight chest, heart going bonkers, feeling hot or clammy etc - not wonder people find it distressing.

So what are some of the key ways to think about Anxiety that may be helpful?

– it’s always future focussed – some concern about the future.

– its always got a “What if….” quality to it – what if this happens?  what if I can’t pay my mortgage?  what if I lose my job, my family, if I’m ill ………(fill in the dots with your own horrors)

– Anxiety often has images associated with the situation in our minds – so we “see a picture” in our minds of the terrible situation we are trying to avoid.

– Anxiety means that we are often over-estimating the problem or danger.  The problem is TOO BIG in our minds

– Anxiety means that we are often under-estimating our ability to cope.  We tell ourselves that our ability to cope is TOO SMALL.

Don’t hesitate to be in contact if you would like to discuss more about anxiety, to receive some therapy or to come on some more training about treating anxiety disorders.




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