I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over 18 years, with extensive experience working as a tertiary care psychotherapist within the NHS as well as with a broad range of complex mental health problems.  

My areas of expertise include:

Psychotherapy - Transactional Analysis and Integrative.
Counselling - warm, relational work.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming (EMDR for Trauma)
Couples' Work
Clinical Supervision
Consultancy and Coaching
Training & Development

As well as offering a safe and highly confidential space for 1 to 1 therapy, I also offer a depth of experience as a clinical supervisor and as a trainer of therapists and counsellors. I offer clinical supervision and consultancy to a wide range of practitioners and organisations and his practice includes regular consultancy with police and security agencies, NHS mental health services, large companies and well-known academic institutes in the area.

The Horsforth Centre for Psychotherapy is the home of the TA Training Organisation - as well as short courses, we offer a UKCP-registered, four year+, master's level programme for training psychotherapists. As a co-director of TA Training Organisation, I deliver the training together with my colleagues. 


My qualifications and professional memberships are as follows:

Counselling:  a senior accredited member of BACP 
Psychotherapy:  a certified Transactional Analyst CTA(P).  Also an accredited member of UKCP.
Supervisor & Trainer:  holds the TSTA(P) qualification, is a member of UKATA and is a registered UKCP supervisor
CBT : an accredited member of the BABCP

I have also achieved the following:
MA Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
PGDip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Dip HE Therapeutic Counselling

I am currently studying for my MSc. in Supervision which is a research-driven qualification.

My Philosophy as a practitioner

I was thinking about what is really important to me - my values I guess - and how this really informs my practice.
The return of the capacity of freedom to be fully your self is really important to me.  I think of it as emancipation - the individual freed up to be "fully in their own boots" - "to be fully themselves".  This for me involves being potently kind and demands high levels of compassion and care for the individual.

I am very interested in difference and expressions of difference - especially in terms of gender identity and sexual expression. Cultural difference also engages my attention and enlivens me; it energises me.

The value system of Transactional Analysis is very important to me - that we are all, existentially OK.  That we can all think and change and take responsibility for ourselves is a really important way that I see therapy operating.

I am very keen to offer a non-shaming environment where every can learn and engage and be fully themselves - freely expressing their relational needs without guilt or shame.  I enjoy working with men who think therapy is a foreign land where they don't belong - and facilitating discovery of self and the return of capacities to think and feel and move in a liberated way.  I enjoy working with women and especially considering structures of power that may have unhelpfully influenced them during their lives. I also enjoy working with those of differing gender and sexuality identities.

Is your therapist professional?

When selecting a therapist to work with, it's vital that you check things thoroughly. Here's an informal "Top 10" of things to check before embarking with your therapist: What are their qualifications?  It is vital that your new

Transactional Analysis Clinical Training – September 2017

We are glad to be offering Clinical Training in Transactional Analysis at The Horsforth Centre, with the new intake starting in Autumn 2017.  This is the fourth year of running this fantastic course that opens up the world

Location & Contact

The Horsforth Centre for Psychotherapy 138 Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5PX Telephone:  0113 258 3399