Individual Therapy - what's right for me?

You may be coming with a really specific problem that you are wanting to resolve – for example OCD-type thoughts or struggling with anxiety, or, you may know that something isn’t right in your life – but you can’t put your finger on it.

In individual therapy we have lots of choices over how we work together.  I am able to offer you Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) – this is most useful for problem-based therapy where you are unhappy about something in your life and want to make a definite change.  CBT is often used to treat anxiety problems such as OCD, Social Phobia, fears of illness and becoming unwell, feeling generally anxious and worried or depressive type symptoms.

Another way of working together is using Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.  Transactional Analysis (TA) is a way of understanding your past and uncovering hidden decisions you have made about yourself, others and life in general.  With growing awareness it offers you new ways of being “with you” as well as “being with others”.  We watch people becoming more aware of the choices they make and new options opening up in their life.

I am also a very experienced counsellor – so the counselling relationship is available in all the different ways that we might choose to work together.

Is your therapist professional?

When selecting a therapist to work with, it's vital that you check things thoroughly. Here's an informal "Top 10" of things to check before embarking with your therapist: What are their qualifications?  It is vital that your new

Transactional Analysis Clinical Training – September 2017

We are glad to be offering Clinical Training in Transactional Analysis at The Horsforth Centre, with the new intake starting in Autumn 2017.  This is the fourth year of running this fantastic course that opens up the world

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